Stock Control System (SCS)

Day & Night Healthcare’s Stock Control System (SCS) has completely streamlined the supply process.   Our SCS system allows you to have control of your ordering quantities and frequency without devoting staff time to manage it.   The system comes free of charge and is offered to those customers seeking to build a close business partnership with Day & Night Healthcare.

Day & Night Healthcare’s entire product range is made available to the customer who simply selects their range the quantities required and we look after the rest.   Our professional team of uniformed staff maintain your tailored stock levels, offer alternatives where required and deliver the goods directly to your medical room.   As your requirements change so can your tailored stock levels offering you a fully flexible service.

Using the SCS you receive access to our detailed monthly reporting on usage and purchasing history with the added benefit of fixed pricing.
If you would like to learn more about installing our SCS in your healthcare facility, contact our National Sales Manager on (03) 9761 4226.